Top Certifications & Licenses You Can Get During COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has certainly pushed us all back in our professional lives. With the economic crisis and sacking of employees by companies worldwide, the pandemic has given everyone their fair share of problems. However, if there’s one thing the pandemic has made the world to acknowledge is the power of the internet. From working-from-home to pursuing online education, the pandemic has opened horizons of the digital world for the world.

Even though you might not be able to acquire licenses and certifications like a forklifting license or truck driving license, which require physical exercises, you can also make use of the time this pandemic has given to advance your career by acquiring professional certifications and licenses that will help you upgrading your resume and acquiring remote jobs or progress in your office jobs once the pandemic lifts. There are tons of websites offering online courses and certification that will indeed give you a competitive advantage over your colleagues. We have listed down top certifications and licenses which you can acquire during the covid-19 pandemic.

1. Google Digital Garage Certification: Google offers a range of free digital marketing and content production certifications which can be conveniently acquired online. From business promotion and marketing techniques to hands on SEO experience, Google Digital Garage certifications can help you polish your skills and perform at your best. All you need to do is select the type of certification you want, go through the reading material, and take assessment. The assessments are usually in different stages giving you ample time to absorb all the information and then later utilize it to the best of your capabilities.

2. Project Management Professional

Project Management Professional certification directly reflects the level of your skill, persistence and education. It is a diverse course applicable on industries far and wide be it health care, information technology, finance, aviation or any other industry. The course requires at least 7,500 hours of high school diploma and 35 hours of project management education. Alternatively, you can also do the course if you have 4,500 hours of directing projects in a professional capacity, along with 4 years of professional degree and 35 hours of project management education. Once you submit authentic documentation of your qualification, you are required to complete an MCQ based assessment comprising of 200 questions. You must obtain 60 units in order to clear the assessment and acquire the PMP certification.

3. Leadership and Management Certificate: Focused more on strategizing, decision making, team leading and motivating team for high performance, the leadership and management certification primarily aims to develop leadership and team management skills. It prompts you to develop team leading capabilities by enhancing your decision making skills. The course is offered online by tons of institutes and can be acquired by fulfilling the requirements of each institute.

4. Sales-force Certification:

Most companies rely heavily on customer relationship management (CRM) tools to achieve their targets. Companies particularly relying on telemarketing to achieve sales target need CRM the most. While it might seem pretty easy to operate on a CRM, reaping the maximum benefits out of it and increasing sales number is only possible if you have thorough grip on the tool. Sales Force Certification gives you exactly that grip and expertise allowing you to conveniently multiple your sales figures with an appropriate use of the CRM.

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