The Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Ute

If you just got an UTE or if you’re looking for an improvement so that it can be even more useful for work, moving or camping trips, you’ve probably considered acquiring a new accessory. Here are five that will help your vehicle more efficient and secure when transporting any kind of loads.

1. Tray cover

Probably the most popular one, this accessory is infinitely useful. Not only will it cover whatever you’re carrying from the rain and snow, it will also help to keep everything inside the tray. They come in many different materials; you can even choose a mesh one if you still want to see what’s inside! In any case, it is advised that you get one that can cover the tray (and what it contains) completely.

2. Tray mat

Mats are simple yet very powerful way to keep stuff in its place. There particular mats are usually made of rubber, and this plus their design have two functions: preventing the load from moving, and protecting the floor of the tray from scratches or any sort of damage. RolaCase tray mats for UTES are very convenient because they have a particular size and format for each car model. You can also get a regular one and cut it out yourself.

3. Roof racks

Though some UTE users don’t consider getting roof racks and simply transport everything in the tray, racks are very useful for certain types of loads such as a small boat or a kayak. The advantage they have is that the load must be firmly attached to the racks, and once you do so, it won’t move around and, of course, it won’t fall. This makes it a lot easier on you, the item you’re carrying and the UTE itself.

4. Boxes and drawers

There’s a huge number of options when it comes to this kind of accessories. If you get the perfect combination, you will save tons of space and, at the same time, find everything more easily! As with other accessories, drawer systems and utility boxes come in different sizes and materials, and you can choose one that exactly fits your UTE model, a generic one (make sure it fits!), or even have them customised for you. Drawers can you on the tray or even below, so be sure to check out all the options!

5. Mesh inserts

Mesh inserts for UTEs and 4WDs have a number of useful qualities, which depend on the material and, of course, its main purpose. As we mentioned before, you can get a mesh cover for the tray, which is usually made of plastic or elastic rope and ensures that the load stays in place. Another type of mesh is the one you can place between the tray and the cabin, and it’s made of metal. Its function is to protect you in case anything causes the load to bump into the walls of the tray. Lastly, there are also metal roof racks which include a metal mesh.

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