10 Telemarketing Tips for Beginners

Working in a call centre in Australia, they may find it a bit challenging to sound convincing and make sales. Call centres wan to hire employees that will be an asset to them. For a beginner, telemarketing can be quite overwhelming.

Not to worry. These tips will help you to telemarketer like a pro!   

1.   Stay Relaxed And Sound Comfortable

This is a useful tip you can give to a beginner telemarketer; stay relaxed and comfortable when talking to your prospect. Most people do not wish to spend their time listening to scripted calls and responding to telemarketers sounding stiff and uneasy. So soften your approach and try to sound genuine.

2.   Make enough calls

You will never be able to do business if you don’t make enough calls. It’s important you stay attentive and focus on achieving your daily call targets. Try to average 100 calls on your 7-hour shift.

3.   Planning Counts

Where data is involved, preparation is everything. More than anything, bad data is what derails telemarketing. Therefore, when you plan your pre-call, make sure to identify and refine your target market.

4.   Understand How To Get Your Prospect’s Attention

You need to ask yourself, how do I grab my prospect’s attention? Why will they bother to converse with me? What is it that I have to offer that they need?

Once you are able to get the answer to these questions, you will find it much easier to achieve your sales target.

5.   Get Training

It can greatly help the beginners in the field of telemarketing if they register for some training courses. This will help them hone their conversational and persuasive skills that are much required in this field.

6.   Develop Some Nerve Of Steel

Nobody said telemarketing would be easy. You must be prepared to face rejection. Often, the prospect will hang up your call the moment you start telemarketing. You will have to make calls to 100 prospects in order to be successful in gaining 5 prospects. So be prepared to handle rejection and simply move on to your next potential opportunity.

7.   Handle Objections

There’s no question to the fact that you will face road blocks. You will face a lot of “No’s” and “Not interested”. It’s up to you now to work out and prepare answers for the likely objections.

8.   Build Momentum

With the passage of time when you make enough calls, there will be a time when a fair share of your calls will be call-backs from your prospects. Once you build momentum, the hard work is over. Now its time to reap the benefits of your hard work.

9.   Motivate Yourself so you Motivate Others

You can’t expect your customers to engage with you if you sound dull and uninteresting. Telemarketing is a tough job, therefore you have to stay upbeat and positive when on a call with prospects. When you yourself are motivated, only then will you be motivated towards convincing your prospects.  

10.Ask Intelligent Questions

One of the ways to achieve good performance is by engaging your prospects into asking intelligent questions. When you ask questions, you demonstrate your interest, which leads to further conversation with your prospect.

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