Read this before you book your next hair appointment.

The worst thing about moving to a new place might involve packing your belongings in boxes and trying to stuff your pets into the carrier to go to a new place. However, after you have arrived at the new place, you are likely to find some more challenges.

You will have to find another person to style your hair, particularly if you are one of the meticulous people. You do not have to worry about finding a good stylist anymore. Here are a few tips to consider during your selection.

Ask for recommendations

Whenever you see someone with good-looking hair, do not allow her to pass without telling you where they got it done. If you are not shy, they will happily share the name of the salon and that of the Rokstar hairstylist.  When possible, use your smartphone to take their front, back and side view photo to show them to the new stylist. Remember to take the name of your new friend. Take the photos in a properly lit place so that the stylist will see the style clearly.

Search for the salon on social media

After identifying a good hairstyle and a good hairstylist, you should start by searching for them on the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Yelp and Twitter. A populated Facebook page should be a sign of a hairstylist who does a good job. Daily new photos and status updates will tell you more about the salon.

If they have an updated website, it will provide you with a chance of understanding the offered services. It will also provide you with more photos and the faces of stylists to expect, their education and specialties. Some salons allow online booking to allow scheduling through mobile phones.

Book consultation appointments

Some hair salons provide free consultations, but some will charge some additional fees for that. This fee should be a good investment if the consultation is thorough. You will receive more tips and advice. The salon might apply the consultation fee towards the first appointment. If you do not want to go to the salon, you will at least have more information to consider.

Take the photos with you

Whether you have a smartphone camera roll or hard copy photos, you should take them with you. Carry photos that will show the worst hair colours or haircuts you ever had. Another option involves finding the hairstyles online, printing out or saving the photos to your smartphone. Show the hairstylist what you want or what you like.

However, you should keep in mind that the model in those photos you see might have a very different hair texture, colour, length, eye colour and skin tone, which might lead to different results. Therefore, if your hair consists of tightly wound spiral cuts, you will have to sign up for permanent straightening services or go into the salon on a weekly basis for washing, blowing and ironing if you need a style similar to that of Jennifer Aniston.

Try several stylists

At times, it will take a second try to get the best hairstylist in your area. Most stylists will meet new clients from time to time. They try to strike a balance between seeming nosy and asking the iceberg questions. They would want to know something about your lifestyle – whether you are a full-time student, a busy mom or a CEO so that they can easily tailor your hairstyle to match your style. Provide them with a list of what you would or would not do with your hair.

A good customer/hairstylist relationship will be more beneficial. Your hairstylist will do everything to ensure that you get amazing results. They will also tell you about the hairstyles that cannot look good on you.

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