4 Mods You Should Do To Your First UTE

One of the most exciting things to do with your friends and family in Australia is to go off-roading. Now that you have bought yourself a brand new UTE or a used one, you are all set to take off for Cape York. Not so fast. First, you have to purchase some off-road mods in order to ensure your safety as well as a stress-free off-roading experience. Also, make sure to get tonneau covers for UTES in order to keep your Ute in perfect condition.

The issue you might face here is, you have no clue what to buy. To help you select the 4 necessary off-road mods, read on further.

1 – Tyres

There is no question to the fact that tyres should always be your first priority before using your UTE for off-roading. Your selection of tyres and the pressure of the tyres will dictate if you will be able to get through or over the obstacle or terrain you face.

Many utes have HT (Highway Terrain) tyres that are perfect to go on bitumen touring. However, if you wish to go off-roading, then these tyres are not suitable for the terrain as they are skinny. Therefore, they are not able to offer the needed protection from off-road damage.

What you need is All Terrain (AT) tyres that are tough and less prone to damage compared to HT.

2 – Bullbar

When driving on the streets, you are sure to catch sight of cows and kangaroos in Australia. Most of the time, there is a tragic incident involving these animals. In order to keep your family protected, your Ute should have robust protection. A bulbar will be able to protect the mechanical running gear and the cooling system of the Ute.

3 – Canopy

Although a canopy is not necessary, it can come in handy when going off-roading. Of course, when you purchase a ute, you are planning to make use of its tray. However, the tray offers little in terms of protection or security of whatever is kept in there. For this purpose, a canopy will give your things an added lockable security you keep in the tray. Be it mountain bikes, camping gear, or a fridge, it will also stay protect from elements such as sun, rain, wind, mud, dust, and sand while you drive along the beach or go off-roading.

4 – Suspension

When driving off-road, you must be prepared for a lumpy and bumpy ride. When the Ute is fully loaded, it will undergo tremendous strain and stress on uneven terrain. As your Ute’s suspension is made to drive on roads, you must modify it so it copes with the weight on board along with the terrain. Make sure to upgrade the suspension set-up to make it more comfortable and more stable to ride in.

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