When Your Commercial Garage Doors Won’t Open Or Close Properly

Are you having some problems with your garage door? Should you hire a door repair service? Let’s help you troubleshoot through the entire process. This guide will help you make the right decision.

A garage door seemingly plays a vital role in any commercial setting. It safeguards the entire stock of whatever it is that you store. More importantly, it can make it easier for the machines like forklifts and other heavy machinery to enter and exit the garage.

Learn About The Common Problems

A commercial or industrial garage door generally has a roller door or gate setting. Ergo, it comprises various parts that move. These parts require regular maintenance to withstand the heavy-duty task of operating 24/7. If you overlook the maintenance, it can turn into a chaotic mess.

If your commercial garage doors won’t open or close, consider these problems:

  1. Broken Or Damaged Springs

Almost all garage door springs have a specific number of times you can use them. The more you use them, the faster they will wear out. The roller shutter drum is a prominent location where the breakage takes place. You can check it out to see if there is any broken or damaged spring.

If this is the case, call to hire the repair services and get it replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can compromise the entire door.

  1. Transmission Issues

There are a plethora of problems associated with transmitters. It can prevent the door from opening or closing. Maybe the batteries have run dry. Check them out. Make sure to replace them on time. Check to see if there is any blockage for the signal receiver or if there has been a shot circuit. Make sure that you are at the right distance for the transmission.

If it works on sensors, maybe they are out of alignment. You’d have to check these problems out. Sometimes the door limit isn’t set correctly or gets reset. It can lead to the door not opening or closing correctly, or completely.

  1. Damaged Components Like The Motor

If the maintenance and cleaning never took place, there can be a massive motor malfunction. Maybe the components are damaged, and this can lead to several problems. You might need an entire motor replacement. Perhaps, you will need a whole door replacement, depending on the condition.

Therefore, you should always book routine / scheduled checkups and maintenance for commercial garage doors at Door Repairs. It will prevent any unnecessary problems from arising.

Other Common Tips

  • Check for the batteries in the transmission units.
  • Confirm that nothing is blocking the door while opening or closing.
  • Check to see if the door is manually locked.

Finally, every automatic rolling door comes with a disconnected switch. It allows you to roll the doors in case of a power outage manually. Make sure to check whether it is enabled or disabled. It might be another cause for the door not opening.

That covers almost every known common issue. You can DIY some of these, especially if you have an in-house technician. If you don’t have such personnel, contact repairing services.

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