Tips to Prevent & Protect Yourself against Home Invasions

Housebreaking happens all the time. If someone wants to break into your property, he will probably find a way to make it happen. Since there is no particular way to keep your home from damage or danger once it has been chosen as a target, the best route is to take preventive measures beforehand to secure your home.

Remember that the main goal is to save your home from being targeted. Avoidance is always better than dealing with the aftermath. Here’s a list of pointers to protect you against home invasions.

Lighting is the key: The first and foremost defense is bright lighting. When burglars are looking for potential target locations, they prioritize the dark and empty places. A well-lit exterior allows your property to be visible to neighbors and outsiders. You can even install automatic lights which switch on and off through light sensors and automatically turn on when it gets dark.

Eliminate potential hiding spots: Appraise your front and backyard potential hiding spots. If you’re having high bushes near the doors and windows, it might give them a chance to hide out while you are away from your home. Regularly trim the bushes around your front and backyard and make sure the area surrounding your front door is clear of any plants or bushes.

Secure the Doors: Thick and well-built doors can be a great defense. If your doors look like a challenge to break through or you have screen doors for pivot door at Invisi-Gard, it will make the burglar reconsider the decision of breaking into your home.

Shut the windows: Shutting your windows and replacing outdated handles are essential as well. You have to make sure that potential invaders don’t have a clear view of your house that could reveal your valuable belongings. If a burglar has no inducement to break into your house, he might choose another target.

Never leave your mails: If you’re away from town, ask your neighbor or a friend to pick up your mails for you, it will prevent the curious burglar from entering into your property as he won’t know that you’re away.

Avoid Landscaping: The money you invest in making your front yard beautiful also makes you appear rich in the eyes of burglars. They might think that you keep a lot of expensive stuff inside your home as well. This will encourage them to target your house.

Install Home security systems: Lastly, if you don’t presently have a home security system, you must consider getting one. Having a monitored home security system will not only work as a defense, but it’ll also alert you and your authorities in case of any burglary. You might want to pair up a full fledged home security system with motion sensors, close circuit cameras, laser alarms and video door bells, all of them synced on your smartphone so you can conveniently monitor your home even while you are at work or away for the time being.

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