Lighting Design Tips for Selling Your Home

If you plan to sell your house and have made all the necessary arrangements like finding the high points that sell, fixing anything that might cause trouble, dealing with the right real estate agent and more, you still could face trouble while selling your house. That would be because the lighting in your house can easily make or break a deal. Darkness can make the house feel unwelcoming and the person may feel unwanted and unimportant.

It leaves a horrible first impression. Also, it makes the buyer wonder what flaws have been hidden within the darkness. This is why it is extremely important that before you start to show your house to potential buyers and you put it on the market, your lighting is fixed and made perfect. We have listed down some lighting design tips for you to help sell your house at the best price possible.

  1. Room by Room lighting examination

This may seem a little extreme to many people, but it will only make the chances of you finding a buyer better. Go from each room to room, and open the curtain and blinds. Find the dark spots and the problem areas, which could cause some sort of an issue. Use a camera lens if you need to get a better view of the room. This will allow each room to be perfectly lit before you put it up for sale.

  • Non-lighting, lighting problems

At times, we might not realize that the issue isn’t the actual lighting, but the furniture or other non-lighting items that make the room look very dark and confined. There could be a dark carpet coloured or very dark furniture too. No matter how much light you add to the room, it still will not have the effect you want. This is why to fix this issue, you should use light-coloured bedding, carpets, and other accessories to liven up your room. Adding mirrors will also help lighten the room up as mirrors can reflect light and make the living space look bigger and brighter.

  • Addition of lamps and fixtures

To counter the problem of bad lighting, the steps you can take are:

  • You can choose to add lamps to different corners of the room which will illuminate the right parts of your house. These could be bedside, desk side, standing lamps and more. You can find modern table lamps here, which are good quality and will get you a good price too.
  • The lighting in the vanity of the bathroom should be very well lit. It should be bright and consistent, and should not have many shadows or glares to have the perfect lighting in the mirror.
  • Accent lighting is also a great idea to try and counter bad lighting. When you add accent lighting to the focal points of the room, the buyer’s eye will fall onto what you intend for them to see, which is a plus point.
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