Benefits of Organic Gardening – Avoid the Use of Harmful Chemicals

In today’s day and age, we see there is a rise in diseases such as cancer, which used to be rare at one point. Now you can see them prevalently spreading. This is because of the food we intake and the air we breathe in, which is so full of chemicals and toxins that it affects every part of our body. You must have heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. If you eat food that is filled with chemicals and harmful substances, then it is likely that you will get such diseases.

However, we can prevent all this and lead a better life. A life that will protect you from the dangers of diseases such as cancer and will to some extent help in preventing them or delaying their onset. This can be done through organic eating. When you grow fruits or vegetables yourself or buy organic ones, you ensure that they are free from all those chemicals that you find in store bought produce.

It is said that organic gardening is a difficult task. Well, we believe nothing is difficult if one knows its basic principles and the way to do it. This is why we have written down some benefits for you that you will have when using organic gardening and eating. You can find out more about organic gardening and products related to it at

  • Nutritional Benefits

When you add artificial chemicals to the soil, they take away the benefits and minerals of the soil from it, hence leading to fewer nutrients within the fruits or vegetables grown. Research shows that organically grown fruits and vegetables contain much more nutrients. This is because there has been no artificial addition to the soil. Hence, not taking away any of the benefits in the soil. For example, the soil is said to have at least 27 percent more Vitamin C, 29% more magnesium, 21% more iron, and 14 percent more phosphorus. This makes the food much more nutritious and healthier for you.

  • Soil benefits

The benefits you receive from organic farming are not just through your nutrition, but are also to the soil itself. It is one way to make the soil much more fertile and healthier. This is because there is no artificial addition to the soil, rather only natural fertilizers are used which enriche the soil making it healthier. Through organic farming, you can prevent problems such as loss of topsoil, toxic runoff, soil poisoning, death of insects and birds as well.

  • Mental Benefits

There are not just nutritional benefits that can be achieved through organic gardening, but also mental and physical ones too. If you spend time amongst nature and take some time out each day to tend to the plants that you are growing, it will help your mental health. It will provide you with an excellent break that will relax you and get you stronger to face the day. People even use horticultural therapy which entails being around nature and plants to help calm the mind and put it at ease.

On the plus side, having an organic garden would help make the exterior of your house look extremely extravagant and beautiful while increasing the house’s value.

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