5 Hacks to Reduce Daily Waste

Global warming is a serious issue worldwide and is mainly being caused because of pollution and lack of recycling. Our air is polluted with toxic fumes and the oceans have turned into global trash-bins posing threat to the flora and fauna.  While most of us are individually concerned about all the trouble pollution and trash is causing to our environment, there’s little we are all doing on an individual level to improve the situation. According to environmental experts, a lot of improvement can be brought about in the environment by reducing daily waste in every home.

While there is a collective responsibility of a community and the civic authorities to implement effective means of solid waste management and installation of proper skip bins in neighbourhoods, it is also important that citizens on their individual level manage and reduce daily waste.

Here are top 5 hacks to reduce daily waste in your home.

Implement the 6R’s of Waste Management: Refuse what you think might add to the daily trash for example plastic bags, paper towels, and plastic bottles. Reduce usage of items and considering donating your stuff. Reuse items and preferably buy pre-loved things to avoid additional trash. Repurpose the items that you own and use them for other purposes. For example, turn your shoebox into a shelf with simple DIY tricks. Let the leftovers rot in a composite bin outside your home for organic degrading of materials. Most importantly, Recycle the things you have and make them of use in repeated cycles.

Discontinue the Use of Plastic Bags: Plastic bags are the biggest threat to our environment as they are not recyclable and aren’t disposed properly. Despite the threat, plastic bags are also the largest consumable items as we depend heavily on them to carry our groceries or storing things in place. Replace plastic bags with organic and reusable paper or fabric bags which are easy to dispose or recycle.

Go Paperless: This might seem a very ideal solution, but reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Rely more on hand held electronic devices to take notes and to get your visas, tickets and bills. Instead of buying actual books, if you really need to read, consider renting a book from your closest library to reduce paper waste. Instead of paper towels in the kitchen use normal kitchen towels made out of fabric which are reusable after wash.  

Avoid Unnecessary Junk: avoid any unnecessary junk that you might only need it for the time being. For example, no need to take paper posters and items wrapped in paper or plastic bags. If you only need a poster or piece of paper for information, take a picture instead and go paperless. A lot of daily waste I our homes every day is because of the junk we bring into our houses daily

Avoid Using Plastic Straws & Plates etc.: Buy a glass or steel straw once and carry it around with you. Every plastic straw we use mostly ends up in the ocean adding to the pollution and endangering more species. Go organic by using recyclable materials to reduce the daily waste and avoid playing your part in polluting the environment.

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