The Role of Robotics in Australian Material Handling: A Look into Automated Warehouses

The material handling industry in Australia is changing with the advancement in technology. Since robotics has been introduced as a solution to many of the problems encountered in this industry, there has been a lot of positive impact. So, here is a look at automated warehouses to understand what role robotics is playing in Australian material handling.

Integration of Robotics in Material Handling

In this age of digitalization and the development of AI, the integration of robotics into various industries is only natural. Material handling needs robotics more than most of the others because of the nature of the tasks undertaken by the workers. Loading, unloading, transportation, storage, sorting, packing, and more, of inventory becomes much easier when there is robotics involved.

Automation increases efficiency and allows the business to grow exponentially in this world of tough competition. Cobots, conveyor belts, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, AGVs, electric forklifts etc. are just a few examples of robotics that have been integrated into the material handling process.

Making Up For Shortage of Labour

There are many different times when labour becomes short and there can be various reasons for it. This creates an unreliability which can ultimately harm the business. With robotics in the mix, such a shortage has little to no effect on the material handling industry. Wherever human workers are not a necessity, automation can take their place, so that they can be involved in other more complicated tasks only meant for the human body and mind. This allows the workers to gain better and more useful skills as well.

Decrease in Human Error

As was famously said, “To err is human.” Part of being a human is to make mistakes and learn from them. This, however, can sometimes lead to losses in businesses where errors cannot be tolerated. In such industries, automation becomes a necessity. Material handling is such an industry. The processes involved in it are required to be accurate, so robotics is introduced to decrease the number of mistakes that come with working manually.

Fast Pace

Material handling can be an extremely time-consuming job if proper equipment is not used to speed up the processes involved. Automated systems, aside from being accurate, are also quite quick. They finish a task much faster than a human, so wherever necessary, such systems are integrated to keep up with the fast-paced world.

Space Utilization

Warehouses and distribution centres with less horizontal space benefit from robotics because then the vertical space can easily be utilized. This allows pallets to be loaded, unloaded and stored at heights where humans have trouble reaching. Narrow spaces also get utilized because automated equipment can more efficiently maneuver itself in such places.

Fewer Chances of Accidents

Since automated systems rarely make any mistakes, accidents become rare as well. Material handling is a job where accidents can be considered commonplace but not when robotics is introduced. Because of the accurate operation, decrease in human error, ability to handle heavy loads and more, there are fewer chances of accidents occurring during any material handling process.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the things that show how important a role robotics plays in Australian material handling. If you wish to have all the benefits of robotics, then check out AAL Store: Your Source for Material Handling Solutions.

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