Coffee is a holy grail for corporate employees as it’s the only thing that can keep them energised throughout their day. Due to this reason, it has also become the most sought-after beverage to deal with today’s intense work culture. There are a handful of shops and cafes that offer coffee.

However, coffee lovers would want nothing more than their own coffee machine at home. Now as we mentioned, coffee machines are usually of two types: Automatic and Manual. If you are thinking of buying one, then ahead is a beginner’s guide that will tell you all about automatic and manual coffee brewing machines. 

What Is An Automatic Coffee Machine?

Automatic coffee machines are all about the ease of making coffee, from adding milk to grinding coffee beans and roasting them and adding. Milk every process is automated, and you get your desired version of coffee with just a push of a button.


  • You can have coffee with the push of a button, whichever you want.
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Is consistent with every cup of coffee
  • High-end automated machines have so many features such as milk frothing water temperature adjustment and timer.


  • A slight malfunction in the machine can make your coffee horrible. At times you might not get a coffee at all.
  • Too much dependency on automatic machines can render you useless in cases where you have to make a coffee manually.
  • Unlimited features mean too many control buttons, which could be a hassle to deal with.

What Is A Manual Coffee Machine?

As mentioned earlier,  if you want to get something done up to the standard, do it yourself. Coffee machines are a bit difficult to operate in comparison to automatic coffee machines. Here you have more command throughout the process of how to make your coffee.

From heating milk to roasting the beans, everything is in your control. Only skilful people, which are only a handful in amount, can whip up a coffee which is not something everyone can do. After all, it’s an art.


  • You can have desired taste of how you like your coffee.
  • If you can work this machine well, you are very skilled
  • You don’t get confused among the switches as it has limited control buttons.


  • Lack of features.
  • Limited options regarding the kind of coffee the machine can brew.
  • Time-consuming.


Manual coffee machines are outdated now, and it won’t be wrong to say that it’s high time to change your ways. High-end electrical coffee machines come with a handful of features. You just have to press a few control buttons, and you can enjoy a coffee similar to the coffee shop or cafe you like going to. Also, you can set a timer for your coffee on programmable coffee machines. This way, you don’t have to wait for your coffee to be brewed. If you have decided to buy one for yourself, you can start by looking at coffee machines at Kogan.

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