How To Clean Teak Outdoor Furniture

If you have a house, then having furniture is a mandatory thing. Your furniture can significantly transform the whole look of your house. It is quite effective in changing the dull and boring setting into a vibrant one.

Nowadays, outdoor furniture is in demand because of the comfort they offer. If the weather is good outside, you don’t always have to take your guests inside. They can sit outside with you.

The most commonly used furniture as outdoor furniture is teak furniture. They look like natural wood, which goes well with the outdoor setting. In this blog, we will discuss how to clean teak outdoor furniture. So, if you are looking for some tips, keep on reading.

Do The Cleaning Annually

A teak is a strong piece of furniture that doesn’t get stained easily. So, to maintain its look, you can do the cleaning on an annual basis. Avoid cleaning it rapidly, as it can strip off the shine of the furniture.

Use Soapy Solution To Scrub

You don’t have to take extra measures in terms of figuring out the solution with which you can clean the furniture. Just take a soapy solution and use a brush to scrub off the dirt. After that, hose away the dirt.

Use Sandpaper To Remove Stains

If there are some deep and stubborn stains, you can use fine sandpaper to remove them. Just rub it gently on the surface to not leave harsh marks on the teak furniture. If the scrubbed area looks different, do not worry. It will blend in a few days.

Use Teak Cleaner To Treat Mould And Mildew

There are several teak cleaners available in the market. You can purchase any one of them to treat mould and mildew. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and an eye protector while cleaning the furniture with it.

Apply Teak Protector

Once you have cleaned the furniture, let it dry. After it dries, use a sealant to protect the furniture. It will prevent the furniture from losing its shine.

Clean The Spillage Right Away

Some teal furniture absorbs the oil quite quickly. So, do not wait for the time of cleaning to remove or wipe off any sort of spillage on it. Make a habit of cleaning the spillage right away.

Do Not Use Teak Oil For Outdoor Furniture

Teak oil cause mildew. So, avoid oiling it in order to give it a polished look. Moreover, it’s not effective in preventing the look of teak furniture in any way.

Avoid Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can make the furniture look bumpy and pitted. So, avoid using high-pressure water to clean the dirt or stains.


Apart from cleaning, make sure to invest in quality furniture so that it doesn’t look worn out too soon. If you are looking for outdoor furniture, try out Zanui – Outdoor Furniture Set. Their furniture is of fine quality and durable. Moreover, do not use extreme cleaning measures as they will do more harm than good.

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