Tips to Follow When Upgrading to a Newer Phone Model

Buying a new phone can be extremely exciting and satisfying as it is the start of something new. In this time and age, phones have become a necessity and people of all ages are expected to have phones now. They are the main mode of communication as well as the way we stay connected to the world. When you upgrade to a new gadget, you do so because of the newer features and technology. However, if you are changing your phone because your old one broke, look here if you are looking for phone repairs in Gold Coast or you can read more on how to increase life of such machines.

Some people find it difficult to upgrade to a new model and face a few difficulties. This is because they have either changed the model of the phone or the software of the phone. To help ease the transition between one phone to another, we have listed down a few tips you can follow to ensure a smooth transition. However, maintenance of a new phone isn’t that easy, and has even been compared to maintaining a new car.

  1. Transfer contacts

One of the most important things when changing your phone is to transfer all your contacts. Your contacts are what keep you connected to the most important people in your life. Their numbers enable you to keep in touch with them whenever you want. At times, when you upgrade to a new phone and do not follow the right procedures, you can lose important contacts which could not only cost you socially, but also financially as those contacts could be work-related.

If you’re switching to an iPhone from an iPhone, make sure to sync your phone with your PC and then sync your contacts too. Then you can easily transfer your contacts into your new phone without any problems. For an android, it’s most likely that your contacts are already synced with your Gmail account and you should not face any issues. However, we do suggest that you double-check before logging into your new phone.

  • Photos and Videos

Your photos and videos are just as important as your contacts. They are emblems of your memories and your important moments. These need to be safeguarded and kept safe. This can be done easily if you make sure to follow the right procedures to transfer your photos.

For Android phones or in an iPhone, all you need to do is make sure your photos are synced with your computer and the photos are saved on your computer. Then you can use these saved files that are on your computer and transfer them into folders on your phone. This will then send all the photos onto your new device, giving you access to your memories.

  • Messages

Now transferring your messages can be a very difficult process and may not be for everyone. If you use an application like Whatsapp, then transferring your messages can be easy as it is usually backed up in your cloud. However, for SMS, if you switch from iPhone to iPhone, it can be possible as it provides back up. While in Android, you will need to download a few applications from the play store.

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