Should Laundry Room Cabinets Match Kitchen Cabinets?

Most of the newer homes have similar cabinets in most of their parts like bathrooms, study rooms and in the kitchen mostly because the most cost effective method is to make all cabinets look alike. Not keeping all of these the same adds complexity and time to the job each time when the material, finishing and the colour of the cabinets are changed and this also increases costs. The fact that most homes around us have the same cabinets does not make it the best method to follow. In fact, some people actually think they might look boring, “matchy” and cookie cutter with the same cabinets throughout and therefore, the professionals like to differ and bring a bit of change in the cabinets in a house.

If done right, mixing the shades and designs help you design a more customized look for your cabinets. There is no need to have a house that has all the monotonous walls and furniture and where all the decoration and furniture items look the same. If this hold true for everything else and even the walls, then you also don’t have to do that for your cabinets too. Nonetheless, extreme care should be taken to combine types and colour palettes, and one solitary idea must bring everything within your house in balanced harmony.

A tested trick to easily bring versatility to the cabinets of a home while maintaining a balance is to either use a different design or a different colour or use different bunnings laundry cupboards to give you home a unique look.

One choice is to keep all the cupboards look similar throughout the house and only change the colour of the paint or the finish, and attack all the same handles of knobs all over the house to match the designs of all the cabinet doors. You can also create variety in so many attached cabinets in your home by keeping everything the same and only attaching the handles or knobs at different points so as to create a funky patterned look.

People always try to make their houses in a way that reflects their personal style and you can do so much experimentation with the cabinet and their colours so as to perfectly express your personal style.

Considerations before Choosing:

Cabinet Similar to Appliances

If you have a top-loading washer and dryer, make sure that the washer and dryer doors do not get in the way of any wall cabinets that you may hang above them. There has to be enough room to swing up and open the doors. You would also want to locate shelves or cabinets with detergents placed in them within an easy reach of the washer place too.

Go for Function and Effectiveness
Whether planning or remodelling a laundry room, consider the best arrangement for your laundry cabinets and appliances so that you can make the most of your room.

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