All You Need to Know About Asbestos

Asbestos is a group of minerals that occur together naturally, and are made from fibers that are heat resistant. It is created through silicate and is known to cause many different issues when the human body is exposed to it. It is however still very commonly found in the products we use within our daily lives and still exists around us.

One of the biggest downsides to it is cancer. It is known to be linked with cancer in the human body in various forms. In today’s consumer market, less than 1 percent of asbestos is allowed and permitted, but many believe that companies tend to go over the limit. 

Below given are a few facts that you should know about asbestos. You can look at for asbestos removal.

  1. Presence of Asbestos

Today also there are still many products that contain these minerals that we use in our daily lives. Most commonly asbestos is found in the construction industry and jobs related to it. The reason for this is that it is heat resistant; hence it can be used as an insulator in many different situations. So it is excellent for fireproofing materials and also good for building materials.

  • Cancerous

It is common knowledge that asbestos is a known cause behind the occurrence of cancer; however, what people might not know is that it only becomes cancerous when it is disturbed and it becomes airborne. Substances that contain asbestos can usually be broken down by the pressure of your hands; hence they can easily become airborne.  So if you fireproof something or soundproof something, there is the danger of you inhaling it. However, in floor tiles and such materials that are used for the infrastructure of a building, asbestos is not easily broken down, the danger only comes when it is drilled into or sanded.

  • Symptoms

Even though cancer has its symptoms, however, it can be years and years before you can notice the symptoms coming forth, by when it usually is too late and the cancer has already spread wide. The longer you are exposed to the minerals, the higher the chances of you contracting a disease related to asbestos.

There are two common diseases of asbestos. One is called asbestosis and the other is mesothelioma. The first one is a non-cancerous disease however it is chronic and can at times even be fatal as it causes scarring in your lungs while the latter is a rare form of cancer that develops cancerous tumors within the tissues of the lungs. It is said that asbestos is the main cause behind almost all causes of mesothelioma.

As mentioned previously, the symptoms of these diseases do not show up suddenly and rather take up to 40-50 years of development, and when they it develops, it usually turns out to be fatal for the person.

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