5 Tips For Mixing Patterns And Colour In Your Bohemian Living Room

Since the bohemian style has been a trending style since the boom came, bohemian style basically represents wild and free spirit thinking which allows you to indulge in your liking in every kind of genre, which creates an excellent appeal to you and to people coming into your home.

Colourful texture and a mix of cultural items and themes create a very artistic look for which the bohemian style is famous. If you are new to this and want to give your home a brand-new look, this guide is for you. Here are some tips on how to mix patterns and colours to have the best makeover for your living room.

Go Creative With Mixing And Laying Bohemian Design

If it’s plain and dull, it’s not bohemian. Bohemian style mainly thrives on a colourful mixture of both the accents and the patterns in everything. Therefore, you need to be creative with your approach. There is really no comparing it with other designs since every bohemian style is unique on its own. Having a plain sofa with a macrame cover and a colourful pillow with a design is enough to achieve your setting.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Bright Colourful Patterns

When it comes to bright colours, which is a bohemian trademark style, jewel tones like purple, ruby ream, aqua blue, and emerald green are some of the best choices to have in your living room. You can choose the contrasting colours of the wall to other things to present around to give it a more diverse look.

Try Some Handmade Items

Even a painting piece looks good from a place you went on vacation or on a business trip and has a story to tell, creating a more homely appeal. It may be as small as a mug holder to a wooden frame table. All the items work in your favour when it’s done from the heart.

Use Plants To Describe Your Style

We all know plants give us fresh air, good scent, and aroma if you choose a particular right one. Use vines and flower pots to make your room look more earthy and natural. Having them hanging in a macrame hanging makes it even more cute and friendly to look at.

Give It An Aesthetic Appeal

Vintage never got out of style, both back in the day and in today’s era. A contrast of old and new put together says in itself it’s bohemian. A vintage mirror set next to your modern-day sofa with hand-woven pillow covers and drapes is one of the best settings to go with. Not everything has to match everything; that’s the basic bohemian style theme. Every item has its own story to tell. You can now buy a boho mirror online and have it delivered to your home.


Bohemian style is what people call a carefree, wild, and unapologetic style that was frowned upon back in the day. Still, as people began to see its value after some people started using that style, it suddenly had an uprising that is still going on to this day. Don’t be afraid of new and vibrant things when choosing this style; the more diverse, the better it is.

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