Work Place Safety Tips For A Mechanic Shop

Since the work related to automotive repairs presents a certain level of danger to the mechanics, it is imperative that the shop owner takes into account the workplace safety tips for their employees. With all the chemicals and tools around, along with potentially dangerous equipment and machinery, it is the responsibility of the mechanic shop owner to make sure all the employees are working in a safe environment.

In order to make the workplace safe with a positive culture for the employees, here are some safety tips to observe. Observing these tips provided by will ensure that there are fewer accidents or incidents occurring at a mechanic shop, as well as avoid legal situations involving personal injury lawyers

1 – Personal Protective Attire and Equipment

It is imperative that the mechanic shop owner makes sure that the employee’s attire is such that it protects the workers from getting cuts, burns, and scrapes. It is preferred that the uniform consists of a long sleeve shirt paired with long pants so that the employee’s arms and legs are well-protected. Another thing worth mentioning is that the workers should not be given to wear any form of loose clothing that potentially could get caught in the equipment or machines.

Employees should also tie their hair back and remove any jewellery before they operate any machinery. These small precautions will help keep the workers safe and protected at the work place. 

2 – Electrical, Chemical, and Fire Safety

The chemicals that are used in a mechanic’s shop must all be properly labelled along with the safety information mentioned on them. In case of any emergency, the mechanic shop must have an operative eyewash station.

All employees must be aware about where the electrical shut-off switch is located within the shop, and how it is operated. In case there are any frayed cords that need repair, the mechanic shop owner should get it repaired at once in order to prevent electrical fire and electrocution.

All fire extinguishers at the mechanic store should be marked and monthly checked for expiration. It is the responsibility of the mechanic shop owner to make sure that all employees are trained on the proper usage of fire extinguishers. Furthermore, they must be educated about the proper techniques and practices for combating fire. The evacuation plan should be posted and clearly understood by every worker. All exits must be marked so employees know the route to take in case of an emergency.

3 – Ensuring Workplace Habits

When a mechanic shop observes safe workplace habits, there is a high possibility that the potential for accidents and injury is greatly reduced. Working in the automotive industry, it is especially important that workers are given regular equipment and safety training. The shop floor should be kept clean and free of clutter so as to reduce the risk of tripping. There must be “caution, wet floor” signs placed after any spills or wet cleaning.

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